Big Foot: The American Yeti?

You have heard or read about Yeti, the Himalayan big foot, at some point in your life, haven’t you? Did you know there is also some kind of ape-like creature that has been living in the forests of northern America for thousands of years? Let’s know more about the animal. Are you one of the bigfoot believers?

The creature’s name is “Big Foot,” or sometimes it is called “Sasquatch.” Many people have claimed to see it in different forms, but many bigfoot sightings suggest that it somehow looks more like a human than a bear or ape.

What does The Animal Look Like?

Stories about hairy, overgrown, upright biped humanoids are scattered worldwide. You can find common stories about these big-footed animals throughout North America. Some people tried to prove their existence with anecdotal claims and alleged large feet findings.

But what does it actually look like, according to most people’s opinions? According to folklorists, the bigfoot is typically shown as a big, strong, bipedal ape-like monster with hair that is either black, dark reddish, or dark brown in color. According to several reported midnight encounters, the creature’s eyes appeared to “glow” in either yellow or red.

Picture a skunk that had been around animal carcasses and had been around garbage pits. When asked to describe the scent of Bigfoot, Michael Rugg, the founder of the Northern California Bigfoot Discovery Museum, mentioned his encounter with the creature.

Some purported confrontations of Bigfoot are described as more “man-like,” including claims of a human-like visage. One of the guys claimed to have seen the creature through the scope of his rifle in 1971 but could not fire it because “it seemed more human than animal.” Several individuals in The Dalles, Oregon, reported seeing an “overgrown ape” in the area.

The Big Foot Sightings

People have believed in the bigfoot remains from the ancient period until now. In the northern part of the American continent, the bigfoot is commonly referred to as “Sasquatch.” In ancient Northern Georgia, many artifacts have been found, including stories of weird hair-covered creatures living in the forests.

These types of stories are roughly 500-1000 years old. But the question is, who named the big foot a big foot? The history says Jerry Crew, a bulldozer operator for a logging firm in Humboldt County, California, stumbled upon a set of enormous, 410 millimeters (16 inches) long, man-like footprints in the Six Rivers National Forest in 1958.

When he told his coworkers, many claimed to have observed similar tracks on other job sites and heard of strange occurrences like an oil drum that had been moved for no apparent reason and weighed 450 pounds (200 kg). The men of the logging company soon started calling the enigmatic offender “Bigfoot.”

Northern California: The Home of Most Bigfoot Sightings

According to Live Science, you will be amazed to know that over 10,000 Bigfoot sightings have reportedly been documented in the US mainland. Can you believe that? From all of these, the Pacific Northwest accounts for approximately one-third of all reports of Bigfoot sightings, with the other reports dispersed throughout the remainder of the North.

Even those researchers from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization who agree that Bigfoot exists believe that most reports are errors or frauds. Now let’s know about some popular big foot sightings.

William Roe encounter: 1955

William Roe allegedly saw an unidentified animal in the bush at Mica Mountain in British Columbia in 1955, which led to reports of a legendary Bigfoot sighting. The Saskatchewan Sasquatch Organization claims that the body was about 6 feet tall, weighed 300 pounds, and had knee-length brown hair. When I first saw this creature, I wondered if the film business that produced it had used actors who were a mix of human and animal. Roe’s affidavit was signed in 1957.

Marble Mountain. Bigfoot

A young group of campers in California’s Marble Mountain Wilderness came across a curious animal on adjacent peaks. The largest-ever shot of a real bigfoot sighting, the video was approximately seven minutes long

Provo Canyon Bigfoot

Two brothers were hiking in Provo Canyon in September 2012 when they thought they spotted wolves and began filming. The shaky video continued till an abrupt finish when the hikers were hurried to safety while it was still standing on its two legs. The siblings have started Kickstarter projects to look into a second Bigfoot sighting in Utah.

Now let’s talk about some films that were created about such creatures.

Patterson-Gimlin film: 1967

The majority of Bigfoot encounters are likely to have occurred in 1967. A minute-long clip from the Patterson-Gimlin movie depicts a “Bigfoot” walking through woodland in north California. It has long been a popular belief among Bigfoot aficionados and is still a very strong indicator of the creature’s existence. This is a movie about people in costumes, according to scientists.

Provo Canyon: 2012

There are still a lot of Bigfoot movies on YouTube, but not as many. The animals may be seen in the video sitting at the edge of the trees, possibly feeding or looking for food. The enormous bear-like creature appears to be standing on two feet like a biped as the camera zooms in for a closer look.

They immediately turn away or run away as a result of this. On YouTube, it has been viewed more than 7.7 million times. According to uploader Beard Card’s statements, they went hiking to search for deer.

Is It A Real Animal or Just A Myth?

Let’s try to debunk the truth about ‘Bigfoot.’ Historically, most popular scientists from the scientific community have discredited the reality of Bigfoot, believing it to be a product of folklore, mistaken identity, and hoax rather than a real species.

Folklorists attribute the Bigfoot phenomenon to various elements and origins, such as indigenous cultures, the wild man myth in Europe, and folklore. Additional variables are wishful thinking, a societal rise in environmental issues, and general social knowledge of the issue.

The Skunk ape of the Southeast United States, the Yeren, Almas, and Yeti in Asia, the Australian Yowie, and other creatures with similar descriptions are said to live in various parts of the world. All of these animals are also deeply ingrained in their own cultures.


People have tried to establish the legend and gather hard evidence through the history of bigfoots through hunting in the woods, articles, alleged bigfoot sightings, or even to find a body. Rather, finding bigfoot was never easy, and most skeptics believe that the footprints in the woods can be nothing but some made-ups.

People have hunted the places, and still today, students investigate the place for evidence and videos of bigfoots, but nothing has been found.

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