Brokpa – The Last Aryans And Pregnancy Tourism

One morning at breakfast, I overheard some girls talking about “Pregnancy tourism.” I was intrigued by the idea. So, I asked one of the girls what they were talking about. They told me something I had never heard before.

This pushed me to know more about the tribe called Brokpa, the Aryans of India or the last so-called “pure” Aryans in the world! Today, I will share with you what I learned. Sit tight!

Who are the Brokpa?

The name ‘Ladakh’ conjures a gray plateau under a thick blue sky before the tourist’s eyes. A gusty wind touches the Himalayas, a greenish river running at a maddening speed, raising milky white foam! Such is the beauty of Ladakh.

However, Ladakh hides many unknown secrets in her chest. One is hidden in the Dras and Batalik areas of Ladakh because a mysterious tribe named the “Brokpa” lives in that area.

Brokpa women wearing their traditional dresses

Brokpas are interesting people. They claim that they are the last and pure Aryan race! Also, they claim to be the direct descendants of Alexander the Great’s army! Although the most sensational phenomenon about the Brokpa villages is that in the hope of getting pregnant by racially pure Aryans, many foreign blue-eyed women rush to the Brokpa men!

This is what “Pregnancy tourism” is. European women rush to a remote Indian village to breathe into the supposedly pure genetic pool! The search for pure bloodline has created this phenomenon, and The Brokpa community loves it! As they believe they are the only remaining pure Aryans, their men can impregnate women openly!

Where Did The Brockpa Come From?

The Brokpa villages are near the Line of Control, separating Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan from Indian Ladakh. Dah, Hanu, Ganaoks, Dananusar, Morol, Chulichan, Dha, Biema, Bima Letang, Baldez, Garcon, Darchik, Batalik, and Sharche are home to approximately 1800 Brokpa.

The Brockpas are known as ‘Minaro.’ The phrase translates as “guy who roams around with cattle.” The Brockpas of Ladakh are primarily Vajrayana Buddhists. Some people have converted to Islam and the Sanatan or Hindu religion.

Some researchers believe the Brokpa tribe arrived in Ladakh from the Gilgit Baltistan region of the ‘Chilas.’ It was two thousand years ago. The Brokpa, like the ‘Hunja’ of Gilgit-Baltistan and the Kafirs of Nuristan, consider themselves descendants of Alexander’s warriors.

However, Dr. Veena Bhasin, a professor of Anthropology at Delhi University, has a completely different opinion. She has thoroughly researched the Brokpas. According to Dr. Bhasin, the Brokpas came directly from Central Asia’s steppe region to this area of Ladakh five thousand years ago. The Aryans also arrived in India via the steppe region.

This raises a question now. So, did the Aryas arrive in India a thousand years after the Brakpa tribe? Are the Brokpa tribe the first Aryan tribe to arrive in India? Perhaps someday, a researcher’s research will explain these two problems.

Answers In The Brokpa Folklore

An ancient Brokpa folk story provides a superficial response to both points. The story goes,” It was thousands of years ago. Galo, Melo, and Dhulo, three nomadic brothers, traveled to the southeast to graze sheep from the northern plains.

Countless miles had passed. They discovered green meadows on the banks of the Indus River or Indus Valley in a steep, rocky location. The three brothers and their families and animals remained in the valley. The Brokpa tribe are the descendants of Gallo, Melo, and Dhul.”

Professor Bhasin’s research also refutes the claim that Brockpad was an Alexander descendant because Alexander invaded India in 326 BC.

5000 Years of Preserving The Pure Blood!

The village Hanu is the oldest of the four Brokpa villages. The village comprises three separate townships, each with the word “Hanu” at the end of its name. One of these townships is the “Hanu Yangma.” The Brokpas say that this town is more than five thousand years old.

Tourists are shocked when they reach this village. The villagers with pale skin, blue eyes, golden hair, and crooked noses have all the Indo-Aryan features! They look nothing like the Kashmiris or Ladakhis nearby.

According to the tourist guides and local tribespeople, the Brokpa have been protecting their pure genes and Aryan culture for almost 5000 years. Most of the Hanu people do not ever leave the valley! Because their life revolves around the valley and village. To preserve the purity of the race, they have voluntarily isolated themselves for thousands of years!

Marriage between men and women from outside the village is completely prohibited in this society. The majority of marriages take place within the family. However, we must wait till the third generation on both sides. In most cases, the grandson of the family’s head marries the granddaughter of the head’s sibling or sister.

Pregnancy Tourism in Brokpa Aryan Villages

In 2006, director Sanjeev Sivan released a documentary about the Brokpa tribe called “The Aryan Saga.”  A European woman was spotted in semi-darkness in the documentary.

The German lady openly revealed in the documentary that she traveled from Munich to the town of ‘Brokpa.’ She contacted a Brokpa youth on her initiative, hoping to obtain pure Aryan sperm to give birth to a pure bloodline for Aryan features and superior intelligence!

European woman come to Ladakh to get impregnated by pure Aryans!

She is not, however, alone. According to her, many German women had traveled to Brokpa villages before her for the same reason.

This documentary also featured an anonymous Brokpa male sporting a flower crown. He said that foreigners spend a lot of money to receive pure sperm. They return to their own country after becoming pregnant.

The young man did not seem to feel any shame or guilt while talking about this. Rather he is proud of being a pure Arya. He intends to carry on with this activity in the future. Also, the Brokpa man joyfully announced to the camera that his children already live in Germany, hoping that perhaps his children will pay him a visit to the Aryan village one day!

There are many accounts like this where blue-eyed blondes endowed their body to the Brokpa males in small Himalayan villages. These pregnancy tourists are mostly women hoping to get pregnant by pure Aryan males and provide genetic uniqueness! This seemed very interesting to me. That’s why I shared this with you!


Although some elderly Brokpa men deny any pregnancy tourism in their villages, most local tribespeople accepts that many European women come to these villages in search of pure blood.

The villages were outside of tourists’ reach before 2010. However, the government permitted people to enter the village in 2010. So, researchers, ordinary tourists, and trekkers enter the village a lot. This disturbs the Brokpa culture of preserving Aryan blood and culture!

So, some measures should be taken by the government to help the Brokpas preserve their culture in harmony!

Nilanjana Das

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