My Encounter With Bhoots: Based On Real Events

If you’ve been following me for some time or have seen Indian horror films, you must know that the entire Indian subcontinent is filled with supernatural stories and bhoot stories.

However, the main twist comes when you ask them where you can meet ghosts! This is a very good question to ask. Because there are a lot of fake and fabricated stories. Although I know some stories that will give you chills, I vouch for their authenticity!

While most ghost stories about “bhoots haunt specific houses” revolve around friends of friends, the stories I’m about to tell you are the opposite. I was connected to most of these stories or got them from extremely trustable sources.

So, let’s begin our journey to the so-called bhoot banglas!

My Most Horrifying Bhoot Bangla (Bangalow) Stories

Do you know what a Bangalow or Bangla is? A bungalow is a tiny house or cottage usually used as a vacation home in India. So, the bungalows are usually far from the local town, and very few people visit them all year round.

That’s why many allegedly haunted places are Bungalows by design. I remember watching a documentary where the host investigates haunted locations, most of which were Bungalows. However, I was skeptical of these shows or documentaries and even the stories I heard from family and friends.

So, when I was younger, I decided to visit many reportedly haunted locations. However, for the most part, I failed to find a bhoot’s companionship! But I kept trying, and I’m not too glad I did. I will tell you about that incident first!

“Woh Kya Hai?” (What is That?)

I was visiting my aunt’s house in Kolkata at that time. One of my friends, my frequent partner in “bhoots hunting” in Kolkata, came to my house to tell me about the horrors of South park street cemetery in Kolkata. As usual, I was skeptical!

I joked with him that after all these haunted places I had visited, I had never even faced anything that frightened me a little bit. So, he asked me to see their bungalow close to the South Park Cemetery.

A Haunted Area- South Park Street Cemetery

I jokingly agreed and thought this would be just another false alarm. The evening was going pretty well. The lights were on, and it was a pretty pleasant evening. Then, I thought I should rather sleep because where would ghosts come from in the busy city of Kolkata, right?

So, I decided to go to my room and prepare for sleep. As far as I remember, it was only about 10 to 11 PM. I got the room that was the closest to the South Park Cemetery. I could look at south park street from my windows.

Then, I thought I should get up and read a book or something after some time. But, when I tried to turn on my bedside lamp, it just won’t turn on. I thought the electricity was out because it frequently happened back then.

However, no one responded when I tried to call my friend for a candle. I found that to be strange. Then, I tried to get out of my room, but the door won’t open. I got a little bit frightened; no shame admitting that now. But, I didn’t admit that to myself back then and thought that my friends were joking around to frighten me though it seemed very unlikely!

Then, I suddenly felt a mystically sweet breeze that almost had a heavenly aroma. I felt like a breeze was calling me toward the window. I don’t remember how I went to the window, but I did and looked out at South Park Street.

Outside, I heard a soft but strangely nasal voice singing a song. The song was not in Bengali or Hindi, or even English. I don’t know what language it was, but it was mystical. However, this pleasant smell suddenly disappeared, and I smelt something foul that smelled like burnt turmeric!

The soft singing disappeared, and I heard nothing for some time. Suddenly the windows shut off in my face! I tried opening them, and they won’t even budge! Then, I tried to open the door again and almost screamed for my friends. However, nothing worked at all!

After this, I sat on the bed and tried to find a logical explanation. But the mirror in front of me suddenly seemed to light up for a moment. I saw another silhouette like something sitting directly behind me on my bed, in the mirror!

Silhouette Ghost in the mirror

I screamed out and tried to rush out of the room but fainted! My friends found me unconscious on the floor in the morning!

I know the story is not your typical ghost story about an angry soul or a violent death. However, it frightened me and gave back my senses that there are things in this world that we still can’t explain! Although my father argued back then that this was just a hallucination, I prefer to disagree. I had a very high fever for almost a week!

The Djinn from Pakistan

I was a young girl at this point. I remember seeing a Pakistani horror drama revolving around Djinns, the fierce and evil beings from Arabic and Persian culture. So, when I had the chance to learn more about a Djinn from Pakistan, I couldn’t let it go away!

This happened during my college in India. There was a Hindu teacher at our college, and he taught us English. About in the middle of the year, a college rumor was going on that the teacher’s wife got possessed by a Djinn or, as they were saying, “bhoot sawaar hona!”

Artistic depiction of Djinns

I had never heard that anyone from Hindu culture got possessed by a Djinn. I thought this was mostly a Muslim belief! However, my friends were pretty sure about it. So, I asked my mother about this, who was in a good relationship with the teacher’s wife. It was a small town, so everyone almost knew each other.

Although my mother told me she didn’t hear anything like that and the wife seemed very lovely, I convinced my mother to visit my teacher’s house with me. So, we visited their campus bungalow.

The wife was a little odd but seemed nice to me too. But just before sunset, the teacher wanted us gone! He was being very obnoxious! It was pretty clear that he wanted us gone. But the wife wouldn’t let us go at all!

She dragged us into the conversation again, and her voice wholly changed just a few moments after the sunset! She was talking directly to my mother with a very manly voice suddenly! She seemed like a supernatural creature! My mother was pretty frightened.

The wife told us that we should mind our business, and I think she called me pretty! She told my mother she shouldn’t roam around with a pretty girl like me after sunset! The wife almost lashed out at him when the teacher tried to bring us out again!

He was very embarrassed about the situation and wanted to keep this a secret. Now, I am sharing this with all of you! I feel kind of bad, but he is probably not alive anymore. So!


I know these two stories might not seem that scary to you. But imagine this happening to you. These are all stories I have personally been part of. So, probably don’t believe in ghost stories that seem very improbable!

Bhoots are a scary part of Indian culture, and no matter where you go in India, you’ll find someone with actual bhoot stories. Hope to hear some stories from you, too, someday!

Nilanjana Das

I love investigating the unknown and exploring the weird and unexplained. I find it fascinating how our minds can create whole worlds of mystery and suspense. What's even more exciting to me is uncovering these mysteries and looking for evidence that they actually exist!

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