Stories Of Mayong – The Land Of Black Magic

You all have heard about black magic through films or books. Usually, this type of magic is represented in a demeaning way in our culture. However, there are some places on earth where different magical powers are still practiced and believed in wholeheartedly.

Mayong village in Assam, India, is such a place. The village is so well known that sometimes it is referred to as India’s black magic capital! Today I will share with you my knowledge about the local stories and mythology of Mayong.

Mayong – Name, And Location

The word Mayong comes from the Sanskrit word Maya. “Maya” basically means illusion. So, from the name Mayong, you can already guess the history behind the village. The village is located in Morigaon district, Assam, about 25 miles (40 Km) from Guwahati city.

Mayong Village on Map

The village is still pretty secluded from modern areas and is well-known in India for its history of black magic.

Mythical History of Mayong

As far as I know, the people of Mayong pass on their knowledge of black magic to their younger generation. Almost all the villagers in Mayong practice black magic, and the village has a very mysterious past.

It is believed that the Tantriks (Magicians) of Mayong know many different types of magic spells and magic tricks, and they use this art of dark magic for both good and evil!

If we consider the village’s history, we see that dark arts have been practiced in this village for many centuries! There is historical evidence behind these claims!

Ghototkacha fighting in Mahabharata

Mayong and Pragjyotishpura, Assam’s prehistoric name, are mentioned in numerous epics, such as the Mahabharata. The Kachari Kingdom’s Chief Ghatotkacha participated in The Epic Battle of the Mahabharata using his magical abilities. Additionally, it was claimed that the Mayong is still a haven for witchcraft and tantriks (those who are familiar with tantra vidya).

According to local mythology, the tantriks of Mayong easily defeated Muhammad Shah’s cavalry army consisting of 100,000 soldiers in 1337. Stories of the entire army with all their people disappearing into thin air are well known!

Also, in 1667 Raja Ram Singh, a general during emperor Aurangzeb’s reign, came to Assam to fight the soldiers of the Ahom kingdom. But, the Mughal army of Raja Ram Singh was frightened of the tantriks of Mayong.

In 1671 Raja Ram Singh lost the battle and disappeared totally. The credit behind this is given to the Mayong tantriks by local people. However, no solid historical evidence exists that they fought in this battle.

I once talked to some magicians from Mayong, and they claimed that their ancestors knew the spells to change shape (transform into tigers!), fly, or even disappear. According to them, their ancestors used spells like Uran Mantra (Flying Spell), Dasha Mantra, etc.

Although I don’t exactly know if they were telling the truth or not.

But, recently, some excavators found proof that human sacrifices were once made in Mayong! They found swords and other sharp weapons for human sacrifice. These weapons are found in other Tantrik villages in India, where human sacrifices have been proven.

These weapons, numerous other magical remnants, and relics, including books about ayurvedic medicine and Tantra Kriya ( Black Magic), are kept in Mayong central museum, which opened in 2002.

Witch Doctors and Fortune Tellers of Mayong Village

Many people from all over India visit Mayong in search of a cure for their diseases. When modern medicine fails, these witch doctors treat patients that believe in them.

These healers do not have any institutional degrees, but it is believed that they can cure years of pain in minutes! I saw some of their rituals and was taken aback by their use of brass utensils to heal broken bones!

However, some people consider this a placebo effect, not actual healing. Although the patient I saw led a joyful life after this!

There are also many palm readers in Mayong. These fortune tellers have been very influential in Mayong’s history. Many kings have visited the palm readers. Still, hundreds of people come to Mayong to have a little glance at their future.

Also, the healers are known to find lost things or people. They use a flower, copper plates, and old coins to find out the whereabouts of stolen or lost things. It is believed that the flower itself travels to the stolen goods!

Evil Magicians Of Mayong

As there are healers, some evil tantriks of Mayong, too, use their powers to carry out evil tasks. The local people believe that evil tantriks can use black magic to do many types of bad things! Like-

Bosh Kora

Bosh Kora means taking control of someone else’s mind! The tantriks and the local people believe that they can use magical powers to control someone’s mind to either kill themselves, kill someone else, or even fall in love!

So, I would keep a safe distance from Mayong Tantriks If I were you!

Using Damori Demons

The tantriks can use magic to open the gate of the demonic realm for someone! After this, the demons can possess someone and frighten them at every step of their lives. Also, the damori can kill on the orders of the tantriks!


The practitioners of Mayong claim that they can communicate with dead people! As far as I heard, there are many different ways the tantriks can communicate with the dead, but what I found the most disturbing is-

Necromancy in Mayong Culture

The Tantrik first finds the corpse of a young, dead girl. Then, he uses his magical powers to open the gates of hell inside the corpse’s body. After this, he gets on top of the dead girl and has sexual interactions with the body!

During this bizarre interaction, the Tantrik chants the name of the dead person they want to communicate with, and the Atma or (spirit) of the dead is supposed to enter the dead girl’s body and talk with the Tantrik but only during the Necrophilic sex!

I know it is very disturbing and bizarre. But I can assure you this is illegal, and no proof of this practice is found today.

Magic of The Oja And Their Ancestors

I talked with some of the tantriks from Mayong. They call themselves “Oja.” They strongly believe that these powers do not come from some magic stones or spells. But these are acquired magical powers that only the members of their family tree should learn.

When asked why they replied that their ancestors only taught them through verbal teaching, this ensured that the art of black magic did not fall into the wrong hands!

Also, there are many writings from ancient times on the walls of the village. Local mythology suggests that these writings are the teachings of the ancestors about the Oja way of life and should be preserved at any cost.

Should You Visit Mayong?

The land of black magic, Mayong, is a place of many dark secrets. There are many stories with clear evidence about the villagers of Mayong practicing the dying art of Tantra Vidya.

You can visit the Mayong Central Museum to see many ancient books, archaeological relics, stone inscriptions, and artifacts. The museum is a well-known tourist spot in the area.

Also, there are many other places of tourist attention in this small village to visit. For example, you can visit the Pobitora wildlife sanctuary during the time of Mayong pobitora festival. This sanctuary has the higher number of one-horned rhinoceros in the world!

However, if you are interested in black magic or other dark arts, you should visit Mayong at least once!


I don’t exactly know if you can unlock your previously dormant powers in Mayong. However, their history seemed very interesting to me, and Mayong is undoubtedly an exciting place.

But their culture is dying now. Though some measures have been taken to preserve the real-life Hogwarts from the harry potter series! However, there are some dark secrets about the magic capital of India that, if you knew them, you wouldn’t want to preserve the darkness!

Even so, we can only judge from the outside and may never know the real truth!

Nilanjana Das

I love investigating the unknown and exploring the weird and unexplained. I find it fascinating how our minds can create whole worlds of mystery and suspense. What's even more exciting to me is uncovering these mysteries and looking for evidence that they actually exist!

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