The Indian Area 51: Kongka La Pass

Have you ever heard of UFO sightings or Aliens in India? Outside of the Bollywood film “Koi Mil Gaya,” I never thought I would hear about a secret alien base or unidentified flying objects in India!

Kongka La Pass- The Indian Area 51

However, to my surprise, according to many theorists, Ladakh’s Kongka La pass is India’s area 51! Although the evidence behind these claims is pretty hard to find, it sure makes an interesting story.

So, today let us dive deep into the mystery of the Kongka La low ridge Pass and Aliens on Earth!

Where is Kongka La Pass?

The Kongka La Pass is situated in the Himalayas, close to Ladakh. The area is a bit complicated because it once belonged to Tibet, but it is currently claimed by China as the Tibetan border, while India claims the Lanak La Pass as the border. As a result, while it is not officially protected, it has transformed into a No Man’s Land.

Ladakh- A land of Amazing Beauty

The Kongka La pass is known as the least accessed place in India. However, the area is a long-disputed India-China border. In the British era, the border between Ladakh and Tibet was the Lanak pass, and both countries accepted it. Official Chinese maps recognized the Lanak la pass as the boundary until 1951.

But, The Chinese government laid the G219 or Sianking-Tibet road through Aksai chin, even though the Indian government protested. In 1956, an official map marked the Kongka pass as the border!

In 1959, an Indian police party under deputy police super Karam Singh was sent to set up posts in three locations in the area. However, during a patrol, 2 Indian policemen went missing. A forward search party was sent to search for the missing men.

This resulted in an encounter between the Indian police and the Chinese 6th Cavalry Regiment. Nine Indian policemen were killed, and the Chinese soldiers detained seven. After almost 24 days, the Indian police officers returned, claiming that the Chinese tortured them and made false statements.

The Indian media published aggrieved news calling the Kongka pass incident “A brutal massacre of an Indian Police Party.” This resulted in civil unrest in India and fueled the Sino-Indian war in 1962.

Today, neither the Indian nor the Chinese army patrols the area due to an agreement between the two countries. Also, no one travels through or to the Kongka La pass area.

UFO Base in Kongka La Pass

According to the locals, there is a secret alien base in the Kongka La region. This is why the area is very mysterious and an area of conflict.

Although some other places in India also claim to have aliens or secret alien bases, no such evidence has been found till now. Some UFO sightings have been reported. But scientists have never supported these claims.

However, the Kang La pass has some unexplained phenomena and incidents. The locals claim that UFO sightings are very common in the region. People from both sides of the border say that they saw UFOs or flying saucers come out of the Kongka La pass, which is pretty regular.

Many enlisted men from the Chinese and Indian armies also claimed to have seen UFOs or other strangely shaped lights in the sky without plausible explanation! The claims are very similar and come from all types: soldiers, workers who do not know about aliens, or UFOs to falsely claim!

Usually, they claim that they saw a triangle-shaped light that does some highly unusual activities, as they move very fast, almost sporadically moving to different locations in the sky. The light is so bright that it startles the eyes, giving rise to many questions!

The locals and some soldiers think that the governments of India and China know and have extensively reported aliens in the region, but they want to keep this a secret as it might cause public panic!

Many aircraft pilots have also stated that they stay off the area if possible, primarily because their aircraft’s navigation and guidance systems begin to malfunction!

Evidence Behind The Claims

As usual, with UFO bases or alien sightings, no concrete evidence can be found regarding the Kongka La pass. However, many theorists have presented pictures taken using Google earth that show unidentified caves that appear and disappear sporadically!

The Chinese administration has attempted to present these events as the outcome of secret research conducted by the Indian military. But, the Indian army, of course, denies this.

Maps Of Kongka La Pass From Google Earth

Also, the Chinese government takes a pretty suspicious stand while commenting about the Kongka La pass. That’s why conspiracy theorists now believe that Kongka La pass is similar to Area 51 in Las Vegas, also known for UFO sightings and aliens.

Although many scientists, researchers, and documentary filmmakers have visited the area but didn’t report any strange or unexplained events.


Whether or not you believe in Aliens, you have to agree that claiming to be the only living planet when the universe has almost an uncountable number of habitable planets is pretty egoistic!

We do not know if we are alone in the universe, but if we consider how life on earth evolved, we should expect at least some form of life on other habitable planets.

However, as we still haven’t found enough evidence to support these claims, scientists are yet to accept this fact because this requires concrete proof of life.

UFO sightings are not new phenomena at all! People have been sighting UFOs or alien life for thousands of years! If you consider India, Ladakh’s Kongka La pass is the hotbed for these sightings.

So, try to visit Ladakh because even if you don’t see any UFOs, you will certainly be very mesmerized by the beauty and landscape of the area!

Nilanjana Das

I love investigating the unknown and exploring the weird and unexplained. I find it fascinating how our minds can create whole worlds of mystery and suspense. What's even more exciting to me is uncovering these mysteries and looking for evidence that they actually exist!

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